Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Today is the Big Day!

Whoa hu hoe, today is the big one!
Today is the day where I have someone drive me to the Governor's Office and demand my very rights...with your money of course...

I'll hand over to my state government, the state government of Alaska your money. To receive in return, pages of emails to do whatever I wish to do with. So, I demanded a "Transparent" government, and I got....well I like that meme so I'm just going to say they withheld some emails from me, or something. But I am going to receive in my hands many pages in which I will view with MY EYES ONLY!! Then, and only when I come across anything that looks suspicious, or that you my minions wont understand properly, and I can twist a bit, will you see them. Now that I have laid out the ground rules, let me tell you what I' m looking for in particular.

I am going to prove beyond a shadow of doubt, that there is a conspiracy to GET
Angree McMood!!! I just know that horrible talk show guy is conspiring with Governor Jogging Shoes to make Angree look bad and sound crazy. So, I'll be searching the name "Eddie" and that should take care of the governor once and for all.

So, thanks again my trusty idiots for donating to my illegal Paypal "fund"...You made a difference today...Now, I can justify my presense within the structure of the Alaskan Democratic Party


  1. Angry McMood...more like Angry NoBoobs.

  2. Great and wonderful mistress, I just wanted to let you now that I have completed my assigned tasks for the day. Your boots are licked, your butt is kissed, the dog has peed on me, and I've carried your garbage to the dump in Juneau. Which dump in Juneau? Why the one where that lemonade stand was, of course. Just as you instructed. May I have my 1/2 slice bread and 1/2 glass water now?

  3. Good work thirtynine, but NO!
    Not until you say 20 "Hail Bob Poe's"

  4. I have begun the "candle" of the masses for the email's of "choice".

    It is time to take a stand. Let the real adults play the field.. er... or something like that.