Thursday, July 2, 2009

Angree McMood Announcement

(Angree McMood asked to use my ever so popular forum to do her a favor...She's still "officially" unemployed, so she thought she would start a self-help center...For starters, she would like to use you, my stupid little minions as guinea pigs. Need help? Just ask her. - CelticTinker)

Dear Aunty Angree,

Is there something very wrong with you?

Feeling irritable, intolerant of others? Unable to find a job?

Do you feel yourself attacked on all sides?

Have your ankles been bitten, or do you dream of harming someone else?

Is constipation a problem?

Neurotransmitters low?

Have you developed an obsessive interest in measuring breast cleavage?


Angree McMood can help you: she knows all about being imbalanced.

Leave your problem comments for Aunty Angree.

Confidentiality guaranteed.

Angree McMood, agony aunt.


  1. Where is the sign and the .org I can "contribute" too?

    Gotta keep up with perspective!

  2. OT but with angree mcmood and walt monegan pictures side by side, they sure looks so similar.