Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Calling Dr. Shillz

Dr. Shillz

If ever there was need for an aesthetic hand to help me in my grand quest to bring down that wretched governor, it is now.... During my journey from disabled former government worker, to the current status I now have within th
e Alaskan Democrat party, there has been a void. While I enjoy many talents in the arts (plugging in microphones) I haven't mastered the medium of Photoshop. My trusty comrade "Dr. Shillz" has graced us with his magnificent skill, and will now be supplying my graphics to illustrate my master plan.....and my morbid obsession with Governor Palin's every move......At least he freakin better. I warned him about skipping out on me. He will, and we will all be able to sit back in our own private utopia and gaze across the spectrum of Dr. Shillz artistic prowess.

Also, for my loyal suckers I've added a new fantastic feature. You can now attach an avatar to your profile when you make a donation to my bank account....To be spent on whatever, and that may or may not be political gifts....wink wink. Oh crap, I hate the word wink now.....SHE RUNIED WINKING!! I'm just trying to be careful because oops, I forgot to file any of the appropriate paperwork for a "political" fund. So if any of those Palinbots ask....You just want me to buy groceries with it OK! Just pick your avatar and shut up.

Each one is a representative of one of my favorite comrades. Enjoy.

Gryphen: we call him the truthseeker


Shannyn: just a blonde haired blue eyed doll from Homer



  1. "and my morbid obsession with Governor Palin's every move"

    instead of her morbid obsession with the pastry cart.

  2. "...we will all be able to sit back in our own private utopia and gaze across the spectrum of Dr. Shillz artistic prowess."

    Much better than to gaze at the Leader's July 4th 'surprise' from North Korea!

  3. Excuse me, I can't decide. I trust you. You just select my avatar for me. Thinking for myself has become unnecessary since you came into my life. Thank you for telling me how to think, what to say, how to hate - all those truly admirable traits you teach by experience.

  4. All in a days work.....especially when you're unemployed....HA HA HA HA HA...
    Ain't living off of the work of others grand:D

  5. Comrade Glinda, what a glorious idea.

    BTW, who's business is it if you collect money from your minions? What is it they say about a fool and her money?

    Besides, you're a democrat, there will be no investigations. That is only for those bourgeois commoners like "Her" !

    BTW, I just read that "She" is going overseas to visit the imperialistic troops from Alaska. Shouldn't that be an ethics violation?

  6. Good point, Gary! Our pal Palin is visiting "Alaskan" troops (oh, sure she is). Once again, SarahSunshine is taking time away from state duties just for a little travel, R&R and gratuitous photo ops. She's not even disclosing travel info (for "security reasons" uh-huh. I'll bet she's taking a spa cruise and will get a pix with the cruise ship captain just to make it look legit.)

  7. I'll get Val right on that paperwork Gary...Indeed that has to be a violation...Her son IS enlisted.

  8. I'm confused. Isn't "tinkerbelle" your own personal avatar? I mean, since it's a photo of you, and all.

    BTW, I adore Tink's plaid pants -- so very Celtic!


  10. Little Shannyn Looks Soooo Cute In Her Red Apron Troll-Doll Outfit...

    And Gryphen- I TOLD YOU Botox Would Improve Your Looks....
    Freakin' Awesome Dude! Axelrod Likes His Men With A 'Grizzled'-Look.