Saturday, June 6, 2009


I received a call this morning from the friend of a friend of a friend. She told me that she came upon a busload of stupid tourists from a Royal Celebrity Tours cruise ship. She saw this totally hot Scottish dude (you know how I like red...**dreamy sigh**) and struck up a conversation. He told her something that made her
Progressive blood boil. He said the right-wing bus driver had been broadcasting OVER THE INTERCOM to his pool of dumb subjects that the reckless decisions Palin have made are very good for the State of Alaska. Including her treacherous rejection of Dear Leaders stimulus money. The man said that the right-winger continued to blow smoke about that damn woman.

Ohhhh yes...HUGE SHOCK THERE...Sarah Palin, friendly with the tourism industry...future potential office seeker...gets praises on tour busses full of Americans that could possibly vote for her one day...Governor Palin, promoting tourism in my great state of Alaska...DON'T they know that it is campaign time, all the time....You cannot tell the lower 48ers that this public servant is serving the public.....They may think she is doing a great job or something!!!

I wonder if totally jumping in the Cuda tank is a company policy??



  1. OMG! What is this world coming to? The very idea... the embarassment this woman is bringing on herself! (Read between the lines, dear Tinker.)

  2. The nerve of this woman! It's all just a plot to slowly lure people to Alaska and put them in some sort of "Palin trance". It's always about HER.

    She is nothing like our selfless Dear Leader who never ever talks about himself, or his family, or anything, except how he is fighting the glorious revolution! )Whoops, I mean working for America!)

    Chairman Obama loves us all, he truly does!

    Comrade Tinker...You should contact Comrade Chip Thoma. He has personal experience dealing with the "bus people"!

  3. Great site, keep up the good work...

    Celtic Diva is a sad and bizarre "woman" whose Palin Derangement Syndrome could, possibly, be treated under Our Dear Leaders' new Cuban style health care plan!!!

  4. Can we file an ethics violation against this bus driver? I swear, all followers of Palin need to be sent to a reeducation camp.

  5. I say we file an ethics complaint against the bus intercom system. How dare it assist in spreading these lies in favor of Sarah Palin.