Friday, June 19, 2009

SLAPPin' the Governor

JUST A REMINDER...YOU, as my loyal minions need to DONATE money to ME. To make make that Governor accountable to ME.

Take the Pledge:
say it with me now.......

"I will contribute to the downfall of that woman and FOR a mass centralized global government!"
Very good

Now to the SLAPPin'
What's SLAPP you say?

SLAPP: Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation -
A Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation ("SLAPP") is a lawsuit that is intended to intimidate and silence critics by burdening them with the cost .

So that's what we do.......wait a minute, that's what
we already do.
DAMN IT!!!!!!!!!! I thought I had an original idea. shoot.

Well, it's not working so far....But you just wait....I've got this guy who charges me lots of my subsidy money to tell me what I want to hear....I wouldn't pay him otherwise....LOL!
If all 5 of you could just give me $64,996.27 I could get those emails from the Governor, and I just know that there is something in there I could spin into a news story. I've already covered the other portion of the costs.

Where's my freakin back up from Dear Leader???
(forgive me....groveling)

I'm just frustrated.....

I needed a new idea before I headed out for a good long weekend of setnetting, and wilderness Dungeons & Dragons. I just got the new D&D outdoor explorer kit in the mail...Thanks to last months welfare check...You know, my government handouts only go so far so DONATE!!!!


  1. I want you to know, I'm saving as much money as I can from my welfare check... after the really important things like ho-ho's, cigarettes, coffee, chocolate, and Irish Whiskey.

    Let me see....... there's 19 cents in the mayo jar! Oh, wait, I need to use that for mouth wash. I said that woman's name and it left a bad taste!

    As to 'dear leader', I heard on the news that he is in bed with Brian Williams. *sigh* I suppose now the folks over at that C4 site will make a joke about that.

    Good luck with D&D dear. You want to make sure you don't catch cold and not be able to talk!

  2. I have the perfect answer to all your money woes -- BLACKMAIL! The next time you dig up some dirt about the Palins, just THREATEN to file an ethics charge. The Guv doesn't have a prayer of paying off that half a million in legal fees, so she'll JUMP at the chance to fork over $65,000 (or so) to make you back off.

    Then -- this is the really brilliant part -- you can file an ETHICS COMPLAINT against her for succumbing to blackmail!

  3. oohhhhh, that's perfect J.Galt.
    I must say though, I really don't like your name very much. They FORCED me to read some bogus book with that guy in it in High Scool...I couldn't even get past the first chapter....I just didn't get it???

  4. Comrade Glinda, have you contacted our Dear Leader? Surely he could have Comrade Axelrod cut you a check, da? Or have Comrade Rouse hack into "her" e-mails. Or maybe that democrat's kid in Kentucky!

    As soon as I get my payment from ACORN (for blogging in support of our Dear Leader Comrade Obama) I will send you some. Do you take pre-paid Visa cards?

  5. Yes Gary, I accept cash, check, pre-paid Visa cards, and food stamps.