Sunday, June 28, 2009


(AKMoosemucker fills in for me tonight because some right-winger might try to hurt me or something. OK, I didn't receive any "specific threats" per se. However, I feel a little scared, and well sometimes I'm a bit of a drama queen. So in my search for sympathy I called in the Moosemucker. - Celtic Tinker)

by: AKMoosemucker

Hey Blue Cabanans,

This is AKMoosemucker coming to you loud and clear from The Moosemound.

MBF Glinda has asked me to be her blogbuddy today, so here’s the SP (drat! that woman gets everywhere):

Glinda is the official Democrat blogger for Alaska and we go jogging together twice a week with my other BF, Brian. He’s a moose……… I know, it’s a head scratcher.
"Glinda entered a competition for Democratics (American Idle? heh heh) and won". They picked a blogger from all 57 states and now she is the official face of the Alaska Democrats..... Hah, why the round face? (lol)

Glinda is in the middle of a project to get loadsa money from loadsa out of state suckers people and launch an iceberg before it melts, or she eats it (lol), can’t remember which. We’re gonna bust open the piggy bank any day now.

Sssh it’s a secret.

(PS. We don’t like MegStapletongue ‘cos she can’t spell desication, desoccated, desecration... oops)


  1. Where is my 30.06 and amy Harvest Tag!

    That looks like Steak! And hamburger, and roasts, and ribs, and stew beef...

    The thoughts going thru my weee little head.... moose burgers, moose sausage, and the best yet.... moose breakfast sausage! The best meal of the day. :)

  2. Dear AKMoosemucker-

    Please help me.
    Those ugly Palin-istas keep making fun of my name.
    They call me, 'McClod',McCloud (I'm NOT a 2nd rate 70's TV show),McLoaded...Even McClomp...


    (OOPS! Bye now...I forgot my nightly
    lithium...DARN these manic-depressive attacks!~)
    -Signed,Andree McLEOD

  3. Glinda actually RUNS?
    That weight problem must be hormonal then.

  4. Actually AkMoosemucker runs...I ride the broom

  5. Hmmmm and what about Moore? Like how she likes to take voyer pics of Palin's legs. She just wanted a shot like the "Runners" magazine pic.. right!