Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Tinker's Accountability-A-Thon

I'm launching A Tinker's Accountability-A-Thon....
I need money because....

1.) I don't have a job.

2.) I spend all my time trying to find a way to get an ethics complaint going against the governor. Can you believe they want to charge me money to take away their resources??? "Staff hours" they claim...pa-leeeeze. They won't let me rummage through her file cabinets, or even look through her pantry.......The absolute level of corruption in my state
is out of control.

After I submitted my request to that wingnut administration. Her cohort sent me a letter back indicating all costs....$65,000 for every email in every account from everyone the governor has ever met....What a rip, but what else am I going to do with my time and re-education?


  1. Wow $3.75 you're on a roll!

  2. Your troubles are over Glinda!

    I just received a check from a lawyer in Nigeria...Seems I Have a long-lost relative who passed away there and left me $100,000...

    I'm going to sign my check over to you.The only thing the lawyer asks is you send him a money order for $125 to cover 'processing fees'..
    More details at my house.
    (I'll bring the beer...)

    Signed,Dan Fagan

  3. Comrade Glinda, I am so proud of you! Have you tried our friends at ACORN yet? I know today is their big birthday celebration. Whoopee!

    I bet they could help you out with some funds. I'm sure if you write the Dear Leader he will help as well.

    This Palin woman must be stopped! Did you see what she did to that funny ha-ha comedian David Letterman? It was brutal!

    I mean she didn't even have to say a word and her "supporters" rose up like an angry horde and beat up on poor Dave! It was barbaric!

    This woman must be stopped. If she can do that to Letterman, what could she do to our Dear Leader?

    And the NERVE of that woman actually accepting Dave's apology! How DARE she! And how dare she talk about free speech and thank the military as well!

    What a hateful woman!

    She must be stopped!