Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Face of the Alaska Democratic Party

You read that title correctly...
I am the "Face of the Alaska Democratic Party"
After the firestorm that erupted over my "child abuse", "hatred", "discrimination", and other things the Faux News crowd squawked about all week...everything is even better than before.

I was concerned that the Alaskan Democratic party might have a problem with Dr. Shillz recent attempt to use his free trial version of Photoshop 3.0. I wondered if they would run scared in the face of human rights organizations "Letters of Concern". No way...didn't happen. In fact, I've even been sent "Letters of Encouragement", and glowing articles written about my efforts to get money from my minions, by my esteemed comrades. To think that I would have a problem with MY party in MY STATE over this....GET REAL! The letter that made me most proud
(author to remain anonymous) was the one that said, "Celtic Tinker, you ARE the face of the Alaskan Democratic party, we will never abandon you". (**sigh**)

So that means, my standing in the party is still "Official". I knew they wouldn't let me down...We TOOK an OATH, remember? So keep squawking about "decency" and "humanity" Bible thumpers. My PARTY loves ME!!! HA HA...and my minions pay my BILLS!

After all, I'm just following Dear Leader's lead.....


  1. You stay strong, comrade!

    And may god bless you... if we believed in such silly fairy tales!


  2. Onward Celtic Tinker, did you see that horrible GINO in Kosovo actually honoring those goose stepping stoom troopers and quoting that orange haired reactionary troglodyte, Ronald Reagan???

    I am going to contact Patti Davis so we can file an ethics complaint in California with the RR library!!!

  3. Glinda-
    My Dear Wican-Walrus (I Meant Warrior-ess):

    You INSPIRE Me!
    I Vow To Carry Your Proud Banner Of "Official DNC Blogger For Alaska" To ALL Of Alaska...

    Your 'Earth-Mother' MAGNIFICENCE Will Be What ALL ALASKANS Picture When They Think Of The Alaska Democrat Party.
    Soon Your Name And Alaskan Democrats Will Be Synonymous With Each Other FOREVER! ***********Freakin' Awesome!*********

    ----------THAT Is My Dream!---------

  4. Celtic Tinker,

    truly, yours is a face which the Alaska Democrats deserve.

  5. Comrade Glinda, you indeed are the face of democrats nationwide! You are the shining example that all of our comrades follow.

    In honor of Comrade Stalin, and his traditions, I propose they take Comrade Alinsky's name from history and replace it with your. I propose we name the "Rules" for you. You use them so well.

    And I agree with Comrade Echevarria. How DARE this "woman" go and upstage our Dear Leader by actually visiting the troops. SHE is even going to visit the wounded in Germany!

    I know the Dear Leader was going to, but he had to hit the gym instead, he must keep that chiseled body strong.

  6. Dear Friend in the cause, you are excelling in your magnificance. How would we poor down-trodden workers ever exist without you to tell us what to think, when to think it, what do do with it! Live long, and prosper, gracious comdrade!

  7. Sighs....

    another day, another child screams in the wilderness of Alaska!

  8. I heard your dull (umm er sigh) dulcet tones on the radio tonight. I wanted so badly to hear what the latest news is with all of your fat-check... FACT-checking and pinning the tail on the donke... the Governor to the wall of your trailer.

    Unfortunately, where ever you were, (the Scottish dances or something?) just too much noise, and my hearing aid isn't what it used to be.

    I saw a pix that just had to be photoshopped of you with Mr. Begich. Whoever messed with that photo made you look so old!

    oops The dog needs to go p or p, good luck dear. btw there is a sale on dingdongs at Target. Might want to get a stash bought. Someone said your welfare check is not going to arrive this month :(

  9. I have to ask Diva, have you lost weight? You are looking better than ever. I think you are right up there with Michelle as one of America's most beautiful women. You don't need to be jealous of Palin. She has nothing on you! ( well, between you and me, she did look great in that plain great tee shirt