Saturday, June 13, 2009


I could have sworn we....I mean the democrats in the legislature were going to kill this stupid pipeline.

Instead they voted 58-1 in favor of miss barracuda and her stinking line of gas...They told me at the Eric Croft fundraiser that they were going to stand firm for progressive principals and reject private construction in favor of our great Dear Leader's federal management. Oh wondrous leader, ye of great managing skill and intellect. How horrid for us all that YOU our loved President, neglected the opportunity to have control over the flow of natural gas through Canada into the lower 48. All because she wanted a political win....Well guess who loses....the caribou.....the bears....the birds...and the LGBT community....That's who....I mean, I'm sure if the President got to claim credit for the deal going through, it would have been progressive friendly....Instead all we have now is an ugly right-winger tube stretching as long as the eye can see. (**sigh**)


  1. Ooh, that lipsticked publicity hound strikes again. She always wants to take credit for everything. Remember the bridge to nowhere? This is truly the pipeline to nowhere.

    And those greedy oil companies must be stopped from making evil profits at the expense of our wildlife. Is there any chance we can convince The One to nationalize the pipeline???