Thursday, June 4, 2009


For those of you who thought this Tinker was done with the "Arctic Cat Corruption Scandal", think again...

If you look carefully, you can see that Sarah is wearing

Clearly THOSE pants were designed to match that
JACKET.... and clearly that JACKET was designed to BENEFIT that governor. Clearly that is an ethical violation in my home, the state of Alaska.

First thing in the afternoon when I get up, I plan on confronting a list of lawyers to pursue my objective to make that governor accountable to me. The personnel board of this state is corrupt, and obviously swimming in the barracuda
TANK! I can prove without any doubt that that board is committing their own ethical lapses by letting HER get away with this. If they think for one damn minute I am giving up, they gotta another thing coming......

You think your funny Sarah??? Huh? You and that damn Twitter account. She posted this to rub it in I presume: "
win against Democrat blogger's ethics charge that I shouldn't wear my warm snowmachine coat to cold Iron Dog"..............grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Well, I have to tell you my dear minions, this is starting to get to me. I think I need to get out of the house tonight. Maybe I'll call Levi to see what he and his Sis are doing. You know, when he first came on the payroll I was skeptical. I figured however, that anyone "down with the cause", or at least willing to get paid for it, is all right by me................What do rednecks do for fun anyway?


  1. Ah... there you go, Tinker. I just KNEW you wouldn't let me down. Go get her, girl!

  2. I'm mad about the red platform shoes Queen Palin wore while making a speech with Michael Reagan (you know, the guy whose dad WRECKED our economy 20 years ago) the other night.

    Can you find out if the shoes are left over from $150 million the RNC spent on her clothes last fall? I smell the sweet prospect of another ethics charge ...

  3. Great idea J.Galt! I'll look into it for sure...
    Hey, what kind of name is that anyway?

  4. Glinda, glad to see you are not taking this laying down! Well, at least not laying down after 2PM. (a girl needs her beauty sleep, huh?)

    I am so glad to hear you are gonna hang with Levi. It's so good to see that DNC money really can buy anything, even young boys!

    Just be careful of his sister. She's a bit attatched to Levi.

    J Galt? That name does sound familiar. Where have I seen you before? (shurgs)

    Good idea about those shoes! I mean it should be a crime for a woman to have such beautiful legs like the Guv! All I ever see around Phil's place are a bunch of hairy legs, and that's just the women!

    Of course, us guys all shave our legs, though I'm not sure why!

    BTW, or Guvy-Guv is off celebrating the fact that Alaska became a state 50 years ago. But what is wrong with her? I mean she went all of the way to New York to do it!

    Who is this Seward fellow anyway?

    Speaking of suing, you thing we can file an ethics complaint because the woman abandoned the state again just to show off. I mean who cares if it is to "honor" our state. I hear she is also going to do something personal on the trip. Something to do with autism.

    That just goes to show how dumb that woman is. It's almost summer, and she's celebrating autumn already!

    Hey, maybe we can get her for that!