Thursday, June 11, 2009

Anti-Letterman Hate

A stunning display of hatred from
some right-wingers in Pennsylvania...

When is it enough? Don't you wingnuts know when a man has had enough abuse?

I can't take it any more...I'll be on the phone tomorrow with as many lawyers as I can find in that state to see about filing a complaint. I know it probably won't be as easy as it is here in my state, but I'll try.

UPDATE: TREACHEROUS HEATHENS NOW write statement of support for Governor Palin...What is this world coming to?


  1. lol! it will get through, try handing it to hawker

  2. Glinda,
    I feel your pain. That poor man has endured enough and it is time to act. We must organise ourselves and form a group. (I just love group hugs don't you?)
    But first we must have a name. Luckily I have an idea on that. How about the "Save Letterman United Team" (the S.L.U.T's)? We could have signs, (Only S.T.U.T.'s love Lettermen) printed T-shirts and everything and we could march in front of his building in opposition to that silly 'Fire Lettermen' protest on Monday. How about a chant? Perhaps something like
    "Davo, Davo, He's our man, if you can't like him we S.L.U.T.'s can!"
    Get back to me Glinder. Dave doesn't have much time left.

  3. And Now Alaska's 'Palin-ista' State Representatives (Sen Lisa Menard and AK Rep Anna Fairclough) Are Attacking Poor Dave...Don't They Realize That He's Got Feelings Too?

    Arrrgh! To The Wican Clubhouse Girls...!
    Time To Cook Up Another Witches Brew Of Ethics Complaints....

  4. As liberals, we need to defend our comrade Mr. Letterman's freedom of speech. We must demand that the right wing billboard owner be silenced and forced to remove their sign immediately! Attacks againt our fellow comrades should be illegal! We'll have to get Pelosi and Obama on that right away. I think I will file an ethics violation aganist someone!