Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mr. Left Night Comedy...


Wow sir, you receive my "Champion for the Cause, of the Day Award"!!

Isn't he funny? I mean, I know ratings aren't what they use to be over at CBS, but still. Those stupid rating companies must all be owned by right-wingers anyway...Well, I think he's funny. He called Governor Palin a "slutty flight attendant"...That's almost as good as when she called me asinine (ASS - inine)...I didn't really like it when she called me a "Buffoon" however...I thought she called me a "Baboon" and I got totally pissed...Threw the blender clear across the room...

So after I read what Sir Dave had on his super progressive approved entertainment show last night. I knew I had to see what those wretched right-winger women were saying...I decided to lurk around several of her fan sites to see how the sickos would react...Oh cry me a river. They all had their panties in a bunch asking "where are all the feminist groups to support Sarah"? Excuse me? Feminist groups??? To help HER???? **ROFL** Ummm, feminist groups do not help conservative women, HELLO!! There is no such thing as sexism towards right-wingers. Right-winger women don't believe in abortion. How could they be for woman's rights, when they are not for gay marriage? How could they be for equal opportunity when the are for 2nd amendment rights?...They know nothing of woman's empowerment by not understanding the virtues of a mass centralized government...So keep walking ladies, go support your Troops elsewhere!


  1. you're way funnier than that old guy

  2. I never realized David Letterman was so handsome -NOT! I second the comment that you are definately funnier than he is.

  3. I think Letterman owes the Tinker an explanation. Letterman should realize that the Tinker has full control over all things slutty.