Monday, June 1, 2009


What the heck is wrong with that woman!!!
THIS is not part of the PLAN.

How is Alaska suppose to enjoy all the wonderful amenities of a STRONG, MIGHTY, and BIG Federal government if that sea creature keeps this up?

All the Progressive states are on board...I'm on board...Bob Poe is on board. Meanwhile the state of Alaska flutters in the wind without the stability our Dear, Great, Handsome, and Fearless Leader's direction in our future. The children of my state deserve better than that. Damn that freakin potential future office seeker...Why do I bother?? She wants to "monitor" Common Core. FOR WHAT! There is no need to "monitor" perfection. The President KNOWS what he is DOING Sarah, so just give in and bow down like the rest of us

I spent the entire campaign (and everyday since) trying to break that woman's grip on
my life...All to have her remain defiant in the face of the new HOPE and CHANGE.

Education is important to me.......what, it is.....really, I care.


  1. Tinker…

    I feal your pane! I am so behind our marvolus leader I just no if we follo him he will leed us on the wright path. I meen I went to Harvard Law Scool just like him and my graides were equally as grate as his.

    I meen, like, you no how fantestik his final thesis was and how excillant his GPA was cos it was out their in the papers and all over the wheb be4 November last year. I no you are so write when yoo say she just wonts to be the Presedent and afta all, I meen wat wood a purson that had to werk her way thru collige no about education eny way.I meen as if a purson that worked for yeers just to get a degree as a cloo about how important edukaten is. Onlee us Harvard Gradds can leed the 'peeps' to propa edjacayshen.

    I meen our man got a scholarship from a luvely person n he dus not even haveta repay him and wen I red his college records I was so empressed with his huge ICue. You are so wright wen yoo say SHE just remains defyent in the fase of new Hope and ……well… minor readjustments and possible alterations in the perception of reality.

    P.S. Tinker
    - are you making T shirts for the fan club of the wonderful Mr. Monegan cause I would love one. He is such an honest and ethical man don't you think? He should run for Mayor or something. I am sure he would win no worries!!

  2. Comrade Tinker. I am with you all of the way! This "Governor" Palin really makes me mad. She is going to blow all of our plans for a glorious socialist paradise...whoops...I mean economic justice!

    How DARE this woman stand up for the rugged, self reliant, American way! It's just not fair!

    Our glorious , handsome brilliant Dear Leader is only looking out for what is best for us, right. ... Right?

    Anyway, I wish this woman would stop being so hard on our precious Dear Leader. She is going to screw everything up, for sure.

    I mean if we don't watch it, people may actually start listening to her!

    Can we file another ethics complaint for that? I mean isn't it a crime to disagree with Chairman...I mean President Obama?

    Well, it should be!

  3. I'm working on it Gary....I'm working on it.

  4. I am fuming over the fact that Queen Palin is leaving the state again, this time to make a speech in NY. How dare she neglect her duties as governor!

    Clearly, she is a prima donna who thinks Alaskans should pay her to be a jet-setter. And all so that she can make speeches to groups that help the disabled. What the crap does that have to do with Alaska?!?

    Hey, maybe THIS would make a great ethics complaint. Just think of what a service it would be to the state if we can stop Queen Palin from doing her pet charitable projects.

  5. What a 'freakin bad day! Our 'Arctic Cat' ethics suit flushed like all the others...
    Its SO unfair!...Its a conspiracy! Alaskans are laughing at us...Even my dog's growling at me...!

    The Palin-istas MUST be brought down!

    Emergency clubhouse meeting tonight!
    That means EVERYONE! Andree,Jean Devon,Shannyn
    Moore,and (of course) your glorious leader,Glinda...
    (I'll supply the pork rinds)