Sunday, June 7, 2009

Governor Plagiarist

It seems I have located yet ANOTHER plagiarism scandal involving the governor of my great state Alaska. This woman cannot seem to write her own material EVER!!!!

In the May edition of what is called "Christian Living Magazine"...(**ew**) the sea creature gives an interview in which she does just that. Here is the part of the interview that I submit as EVIDENCE of this gross misdeed:

CL: As a Christian leader, how do you deal with such difficult situations?
(pssst...They called her a CHRSITIAN LEADER!!!...Oh my....see I told you she is setting up a Theocracy here in Alaska....okay, back to the for the plagarism)

Sarah: I look back at Scripture that reminds me, hey, I'm sure not the first to face this. Criticism will come. Unfair shots will be taken. The question is how are you going to react?** I like I Peter 2:12. It says to keep your conduct honorable, so that by your good works, which are observed by others, God will be glorified.** When I read that I know others have faced this before me. They face it today. Who am I to exempt myself from a principle like that? In spite of it all, I've got to live my life to glorify God. That's what I promised myself I'd do 30 years ago, and that's what I must do now-not just to talk it, but to walk it.

So this Peter guy gets ROBBED in broad daylight by the likes of Sarah, and nobody at that right-wing publication takes one second to call her out on it...See what they let her get away with....


  1. How DARE she. I can't imagine what the state of the country would be had she become VP. I mean, can you imagine, Vice President of the United States plagiarizing? It's too disgusting to imagine.

  2. I'm also upset because she is plagerizing Tina Fey! How dare she claim she can see Alaska from her back yard? What? She didn't say that? Well, she'd better not! That's Tina's line and she knows it.

  3. She said you can see Russia from land in Alaska to show she had foreign policy experience, it was an incredibly dumb answer. Tina Fey just said it a little different. I can see the moon, I'm an astronaut, get it? Sorry there is no defending her statement.