Monday, June 1, 2009

Because You Care

I know yesterday you ALL were wondering "Where is Tinker?"......"Where are my Progressive Talking Points?"....Well, just so you know this Celtic Goddess was gardening!!!!!
I don't consider gardening "work" at all. It is a ritual in which I engage thine Mother Earth.
Way better that that stupid worshiping service you "Christians" attend....


  1. Hey there CT. Really enjoy your blog. Judging from that picture you have some impressive gardening skills, girl. Looks like you're going to get the same results from your gardening as from your Ethics Complaints.

    What is it with Democratic women and gardening? First Michelle Obama - now you. You should give Michelle and Barack a call about the best way to grow organic arugula - although I know you prefer something more filling than salads. Keep on gardening!