Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bombshell Potential Ethics Complaint

I know all of you (Mud) that have contributed money to my effort to make that governor accountable to me, are wondering if I've been able to garner any information to bring this "woman" known as Cuda to her knees...I may just have it.

What I found is A-freakin'-mazing...

It seems our 24/7 Governor is SITTING DOWN ON THE JOB and it’s not at her desk! Our sources tell us that the Guv takes frequent visits to the ladies room throughout the day – without her BlackBerries, assistants or groups of motorcycle gangs in order to validate her absences from the office.

Of course, our hall monitor was BANNED from the Guv’s mansion and office, but our sources tell us that they have a good idea of how many non-Alaska related trips our lovely Guv takes to the lavatory: if you estimate that our Sunshine Sarah is AWOL in the water closet approximately eight times per day, at a minimum of 10 minutes each – that equals 80 minutes a day! Multiple that by seven days and that is almost 9.3 hours per week … are you ready for this? The final tally: approximately 485 HOURS of toilet trips per year!

What Have We Learned? The Governor wastes over 20 days per year in the loo ... paid with … Alaskan tax dollars! Oh, let’s not stop there. We know that once HRH is behind stall doors, she’s swiping the wipes. Who knows how much toilet paper the Guv uses while pottying on our dime! Five sheets of double-ply… I don’t think so!! Knowing how much our Pal Palin likes “free” stuff, she’s probably using at least 10 sheets at a time. Folks, we’re talking about entire Alaskan forests getting flushed away just to create enough TP for SP. Just the cost of tissue for Sarah P. will PLUNGE the state budget into the red! Ain’t she just charmin’ the Charmin!


  1. Excellent. I think Linda Biegle laps the water out of her blueoasis without flushing it first. That Tidy Bowl has rotted her brain.

  2. It's the blue water in the bowl ... wait a minute! Now, I understand where she got "blue oasis"

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  4. Tinker…..can I call you Tinker?

    This must be the story the Alaska Report referred to as the “Big story still heading towards the S.S. Palin: A deal-breaker is heading toward the Palins. Can it be stopped? I don't think so. Will it topple the house of cards, all signs say yes. Stay tuned...”

    I have been waiting for weeks for this story and here it is. However, you failed to include the added cost of soap and water during those Palin sit down meetings with Mother Nature. Sarah Palin had better come clean about this now or she will be facing your ethics complaint faster than you can say ‘another ethics complaint dismissed’ mark my words!!


    What makes this Governor think she can get away with such waste?

    Have you priced a roll of toilet paper lately? Oh the humanity!

    And what about our beautiful forests she is single-handedly destroying?

    I sure hope our friend Jeanne Devon...whoops, I mean AKMuckracker, (oh hell, that cat's outta that bag anyway, huh?) can see fit to help fund yet another ethics complaint!

    I mean sooner or later SOMETHING has to stick, right?


  6. Opps...
    Yeah Gary you're right...I meant to say AKMuckracker....sorry Mud

  7. Oh man, I think you got her now, Tinker. This could be the one that finally takes her down. Will you be having a meeting about this soon?

    But beyond this bombshell, we should also consider if our "Governor" is even fit for the job. I mean, come on; going to the bathroom 8 times a day? Perhaps there are some health issues she is not divulging... let's not forget that she refused to release her complete medical records to us, so perhaps you can start investigating this from that angle...

  8. I think the money that Obama spends flying around in Ait Force One for every conceivable photo op, including terriorizing NYC could pay for any toilet used in the AK Guv, Mansion. Has anyone seen him actually in the Oval Office lately? He's soooo busy campaigning for Dems in polical trouble among their constituants. Who's paying for all that fuel for Air forc One. Nope I think Sarah Palin is a bargan, and we need more of her.

  9. You know the Libs are in trouble when all they can do with their time is imagine the times Sarah Palin visits the loo. They are grasping at straws because they have nothing else to throw at her, or to do with their time. They dutefully follow Saul alinskey's "rules for radicals, in ridicule, but we are onto them now. It won't work anymore. Palin-Bachmann 2012!!

  10. Did I just see Wiccan Army? You know the witches rule. whatever you throw out there against Sarah Palin, will return to you three fold. Boy are you in big trouble with Karma.

  11. Glinda,my bulbous comrade-

    A'Freakin'mazing is right!

    When critics complained you flush out more ethics complaints than a friggin' sewer...How little did they know....Right?


  12. Glinda, don't let the naysayers get you down! We know how some people are.

    If I didn't know that only our buddy Axelrod was smart enough to pay people to post hate filled comments on blogs, I'd say old Rice was a paid infiltrator. But we know only us democrats know how to do that.

    Am I right?

    I mean....Am I right!

    (Or what)

    You keep the pressure on the GUV! I mean she is a direct threat to our Dear Leader and we just can't have that!

    Ethics complaints for all!

  13. This is some lulz-worthy shit. I mulled the idea of an ankle-biter parody site (I was thinking of calling it Axis of Assholes), but this is better than anything I could come up with.

  14. Message to the rest of my 'fab 'Gang of Four' (Glinda,Shannyn,Jean,and Andre)

    You rock gals! Thanks to you my pathetic life now has meaning...

    Just got back the video from the our week-end retreat in the Chugach National Forest...Let me know what you think... -Hugs, Glinda

    PS:Shannyn...Gotta tone down that primal scream of yours..It killed a few ferns...(Not to mention my ear-drums!)

  15. Tinker, you are the best investigative reporter in the universe. Because of your hard work in exposing the truth, Governor Palin's career soon will be "in the toilet."

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