Friday, May 29, 2009

Dear Leader "Urged" by Governor Palin

My, my, my....Look what we have here
Governor Palin "Urging" the wonderful, dynamic, dapper, handsome, charming, and cool President of the United States of America (which now I like, at least for the time being) Barack Hussein Obama to "Stand Firm"...Are you kidding me or what. "Stand Firm"??? What does that mean?
No!! That is exactly the wrong advice to give.....So here's mine because I have a blog, therefore I am important.
Mr. President, Dear Leader, what you need to do is go on a whirlwind tour to North Korea. Take TOTUS, and let those Koreans know just how sorry you are that they have had to deal with our stupid country interfering with their right to subject their population to starvation and a totalitarian dictatorship. Who are we to say they can't blow up their neighbors......or Alaska......wait a minute......never mind......Say you're sorry, and POOF, they will melt in your hand in the fashion of
Julio Osegueda
So, thanks Governor Palin, but "The One" doesn't need any advice from the likes of you....Especially when he has Rahm Emmanuel. Now that man is wise.
Another bit of advice I would give to the President, is to ask your army of lawyers if there was any violation committed in the governor's "urging"......Could be grounds to file a complaint you know.


  1. I'm with you Glinda!

    How DARE Sarah Palin speak to our Dear Leader in such a tone! What is wrong with this woman!

    I mean she has only been Commander-In-Chief of the Alaska National Guard and the Alaska Defense Force for a measly 3 years!

    Our Glorious Dear Leader has been Commander-In-Chief for a whole 5 months!

    5 IS bigger than 3 ya know!

    You'd think Sarah would know that, huh?

    I mean what's the worst that can happen anyway? It's not like North Korea is a real country or anything. And so what if their nuclear bombs, or whatever can hit Alaska, right?

    It's not like they can hit Anchorage, right?


    I wouldn't want anything to happen to my friends Shannyn, Amanda, or Phil!

    I think you should file an ethics complaint against Sarah for sure! I mean they are cheaper by the dozen, right? (wink-wink)

    It's just not right. I mean I know Sarah is smarter, and way more experienced than The One, but it's just not right!

    Sarah needs to stop picking on our Dear Leader!

  2. Glinda...

    Right on my dear rotund friend...!

    Pres.O'bambi has promised that North Korea will only toss 'smart' nukes on Alaska.

    Since all the "I Hate Palin" Clubhouse members are dumber than a bag of hammers,the missiles won't touch us...

  3. Dang, the Governor is telling the President what to do!! Shame on her! She is not the President (YET)!!

  4. Wow, that sure is one FUGLY picture, Tinker.

  5. No wonder Sarah Palin's studpidity is known worldwide. Imagine, the audacity to think that she could possibly suggest anything that the Messiah doesn't already know. Of course, what would you expect from a small-town hokey who doesn't even realize that she is dim-witted. It is so refreshing to realize that others with you level of intelligence can see through her facade. After all, it is difficult to feign stupidity. And you, my dear, have managed to break the code and enlighten those of us who have been duped by the Governor. I am so grateful for your inciteful and thorough examination.

  6. Hey Celtic Tinker, Umm How do I put this politely.....Er I would pick a more flattering picture of yourself. You don't want people to think that you are a jealous fugly bitter person with an ax to grind trying to attack the pretty Guva do you? You would lose all credibility. :)