Saturday, July 4, 2009


It is with great sadness that I inform you of Glinda Killin Beagles passing...She is no longer with us. She had an accident tonight while eating her hoagie sandwich, but at least it was quick.

Although I do still have contact with her from her new location.
First report out of Hades suggests that her woldly antics have earned her some key benefits. Seems "Satan's not so little helper" isn't having "the worst" of circumstances. Limited torture and the atmosphere is only slightly "horrific". She will be missed.....

UPDATE: She has a message for the imposter known as "Linda"..."Dear Linda, I hope you enjoy the fruits of your karma and the depths of irrelevancy" :)

Kick Rocks....................................................

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Angree McMood Announcement

(Angree McMood asked to use my ever so popular forum to do her a favor...She's still "officially" unemployed, so she thought she would start a self-help center...For starters, she would like to use you, my stupid little minions as guinea pigs. Need help? Just ask her. - CelticTinker)

Dear Aunty Angree,

Is there something very wrong with you?

Feeling irritable, intolerant of others? Unable to find a job?

Do you feel yourself attacked on all sides?

Have your ankles been bitten, or do you dream of harming someone else?

Is constipation a problem?

Neurotransmitters low?

Have you developed an obsessive interest in measuring breast cleavage?


Angree McMood can help you: she knows all about being imbalanced.

Leave your problem comments for Aunty Angree.

Confidentiality guaranteed.

Angree McMood, agony aunt.